One day…

One day, When far away Shall draw so near As to resemble oneness, When all the fallen leaves Shall turn as pages Of another realm, When time alone Shall stand as stone cold witness Of another age, Remembrance shall return To those same ashes, From where the last great god Was born... He shall return, … Continue reading One day…


In the beginning, men watched the horizons, and ploughed the earth. And the earth was without form, and scattered with rocks; and darkness was upon their face, and in their hearts, deep... And the spirits of men moved upon the heart of the matter, and men said, “Let there be gods”, and there were gods... … Continue reading Gene(me)sis…


Do you remember ...lia? How I used to wait every Transylvanian spring just for your velveted self? The air was still rare there up, where snow and the sky below shared the dripping thinness of May... Grandma always dragged me all the way through the park, for the bark and your purple stained white... Do … Continue reading …lia

“Guard your heart, above all…”

or Orwell's 1984, revisited... "Who controls the past, controls the future... ...who controls the present, controls the past." George Orwell It's never been easy to return... Anywhere... Especially to places echoing unwanted memories, long gone past times stubbornly alive and well enough to torn -always nearly- healed wounds. Then comes the bleeding, the tears, and … Continue reading “Guard your heart, above all…”

Social poem 1

They're all gone now. Swallowed down by windy pipes gone by... Some hairy brushes sinking low below Those every seconds left untouched. Where's time now mum? Where is it m'am? So fond of words, so fond... Label me life; label me as you would label toes... Dead, cold, as the reminder of an unpaid day … Continue reading Social poem 1

“Northern Lights”, (“His Dark Materials”) by Philip Pullman – The Liberty of Thinking 2

2. On Mind Tricks, Lyra's Oxford, Northern lights, Daemons and Dust "The trick [...] is not minding that it hurts." David Lean’s "Lawrence of Arabia" I must confess I haven't seen this movie, "Lawrence of Arabia"... The quote caught me from within Ridley Scott's "Prometheus", and wrote it down -as soon as I could- on … Continue reading “Northern Lights”, (“His Dark Materials”) by Philip Pullman – The Liberty of Thinking 2

Social Poem 2

Why is it that every bit of a stone raised to hit with, arrives precisely at nearly every moment of each day, straight away, against my very, every tooth left unsmashed by previous, attempts to secure 'em a well deserved p(a)lace in the newly appointed Paradise for Handheld Teeth Smashing Stones. In that very Paradise, … Continue reading Social Poem 2