Do you remember …lia?
How I used to wait
every Transylvanian spring
just for your velveted self?
The air
was still rare
up, where snow
and the sky below
shared the dripping thinness of May…

Grandma always dragged me all the way through
the park,
for the bark
and your purple stained white…

Do you remember?
The pine cried amber,
like ginormous grains of sand
on the forgotten shores of my closing eyes…
and sighs
and lies…

Are you still there …lia?

Or some angry god has burnt you away
like everything else we love?

Worry not …
’cause if I’ll burn in hell,
I shall swallow all my tears,
to water within
each memory of your leafless scent…

4 thoughts on “…lia

  1. Thank you Ron…
    Oh, how glad I am to finally have a meaningful exchange of ideas with meaningful people😀

    All my best.



  2. I liked this very much. With my nose and teary eyes I did not want to get to close to that pine crying amber. Magnolias are beautiful.

    I am glad you are following Heidi. She is an awesome writer and will give you a blog’s worth. 🙂
    While some just give you a blog. 😦


    1. Thank you very much Lady! I sort of hoped you’ll like it:-) Guess you’re making some tissue factory’s productivity plans!
      Take care😪😷!


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