One day…


One day,
When far away
Shall draw so near
As to resemble oneness,
When all the fallen leaves
Shall turn as pages
Of another realm,
When time alone
Shall stand as stone cold witness
Of another age,
Remembrance shall return
To those same ashes,
From where the last great god
Was born…
He shall return,
Again, anew,
Poor Phoenix burning away its last
flame’s swan song…

Photo detail: Wikimedia Commons

4 thoughts on “One day…

  1. When this expanding universe has exhausted itself into stasis, time shall indeed “stand as stone cold witness…” Existence will either be renewed in a new cycle of contraction-expansion…or it will cease to be in the cold, motionless graveyard of space. In either case we are left with the conundrum of “why?”.
    The problem of freedom/self vs. power/authority – I believe this is an irreconcilable situation, for as long as the self exists in a living universe the will to power will exist in its core…at worst this situation will be a hellish authoritarian utopia of injustice in the service of power, or at best an interesting quest for the perfect balance of existence and freedom…either way leaves us with the unending battle against injustice and only one exit from this mess we call existence. C’est la vie, yes?

    I have enough conceit to want another go at it…and enough sense to ask, “What the hell am I thinking?” 😉

    Loving your poem for its images and inspiration to thought.


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