1st of April the 4th, 1984… -on defiant hopelessness-

"To hang on from day to day and from week to week, spinning out a present that had no future..." G. Orwell No one knows where, or when it starts, as no instance can be recollected neither of space nor time, of that flash moment of realising truth, the truth... At first it's like a … Continue reading 1st of April the 4th, 1984… -on defiant hopelessness-

“Guard your heart, above all…”

or Orwell's 1984, revisited... "Who controls the past, controls the future... ...who controls the present, controls the past." George Orwell It's never been easy to return... Anywhere... Especially to places echoing unwanted memories, long gone past times stubbornly alive and well enough to torn -always nearly- healed wounds. Then comes the bleeding, the tears, and … Continue reading “Guard your heart, above all…”