Social poem 1

They're all gone now. Swallowed down by windy pipes gone by... Some hairy brushes sinking low below Those every seconds left untouched. Where's time now mum? Where is it m'am? So fond of words, so fond... Label me life; label me as you would label toes... Dead, cold, as the reminder of an unpaid day … Continue reading Social poem 1

Social Poem 3

"Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn?" No one out there to remember, no one to reply. Innocence is past, with no one to imagine what is was... Legions of faded poppies marching quietly over ashes of once resurrected hopes; When I was younger I remember dreaming about being older; now that I'm older I don't … Continue reading Social Poem 3

Social Poem 2

Why is it that every bit of a stone raised to hit with, arrives precisely at nearly every moment of each day, straight away, against my very, every tooth left unsmashed by previous, attempts to secure 'em a well deserved p(a)lace in the newly appointed Paradise for Handheld Teeth Smashing Stones. In that very Paradise, … Continue reading Social Poem 2