Castro vs. Guevara…

It was hard to decide a nominal primacy in the title; as hard as any attempt to do "justice" in times when simple concepts as "justice" have long lost their original meaning, if at any moment of their history, any... In the end, I left it to my musical ear to decide, and it looks … Continue reading Castro vs. Guevara…

“Guard your heart, above all…”

or Orwell's 1984, revisited... "Who controls the past, controls the future... ...who controls the present, controls the past." George Orwell It's never been easy to return... Anywhere... Especially to places echoing unwanted memories, long gone past times stubbornly alive and well enough to torn -always nearly- healed wounds. Then comes the bleeding, the tears, and … Continue reading “Guard your heart, above all…”

Orwellian 1

It cameas an unexpected shock for many,the Plenty minister's decree:no ordinary party membershall wear neither boots nor socksanymore;the production of tablesshall be replaced by the productionof floors. It cameas an unexpected shock for few,the Love minister's decree:all ordinary party membersshall have a pair of opposite toessevered upon everyday entrance to places of work;medical assistance shall … Continue reading Orwellian 1

“Northern Lights”, (“His Dark Materials”) by Philip Pullman – The Liberty of Thinking 2

2. On Mind Tricks, Lyra's Oxford, Northern lights, Daemons and Dust "The trick [...] is not minding that it hurts." David Lean’s "Lawrence of Arabia" I must confess I haven't seen this movie, "Lawrence of Arabia"... The quote caught me from within Ridley Scott's "Prometheus", and wrote it down -as soon as I could- on … Continue reading “Northern Lights”, (“His Dark Materials”) by Philip Pullman – The Liberty of Thinking 2