New Site Launch Today!

Dear Friends of Liberty of Thinking!


After much thought, consideration and other related mental exercises, I am pleased to announce today the launch of my new site, The Book and Movie Prophet, the twin, Book and Movie topical site of Liberty of Thinking – Defiant Hopelessness
As you may have noticed, some of my articles have oftentimes to do with the world within and beyond Books and Movies, which in my opinion have become the more or less contorted mirrors of our even more twisted reality, where sometimes trail crumbs for the understanding of times, can be found.
Reading such mirrors isn’t easy; you need to live within, twisted and contorted yourself, one with the reality you desire to apprehend, yet magically outside of it, slowly learning to read the dreams more and more resembling an abhorred, haunting reality.
Some of my articles shall be prequels, others sequels, others adaptations of articles I have written already, in which the seeds of some personal value seem to have germinated to the point where replanting them into better grounds has become a necessity.
Please be kindly invited to read, consider and comment both on “Defiant Hopelessness” and The Book and Movie Prophet

Your presence will be truly valued, always☺!

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