7th of April 4th, 1984…

– On Social Equality and Production –


“Capitalism is the legitimate racket of the ruling class.” Al Capone

Unfortunately, life as we know it, seems to have never been at the ideal stage of what today would be called “individual, self-sustaining” economy.
Individuals making virtually all of our world’s societies, “belong” to states, or state controlled institutions, being branded from cradle to grave as “citizens”, free by definition, slaves by all means.
As previously discussed, it would take approximately from 24 hours to a week’s time, to make everyone on this planet rich; from toddler to centennial all could be rich by just tipping the world’s financial balance on behalf of the working masses. Struggle to live would become a historical past, consumption would soar, skyrocketing over our wildest dreams, to last nevertheless only as long as the last item on the last shelf would go into someone’s basket. On that dreadful day, any such a utopia shall turn into an Armageddon competing Apocalypse…
Mankind would quickly realise that behind the empty shelves there are no more labourers to fill them back, no one to dig out or harvest the raw materials, no one to turn them into consumption goods, no one to stock the warehouses, with the last cashier to have long left to spend their life-sufficient fortune on a paradise island, where right in the middle of a spa treatment, the masseur would have left to pack for a life of cruises around “infinity and beyond”…
Cliché words like “financial market”, “economy”, “money”, “bank account” and others alike would turn into dust, to be blown by the winds of a terrible, lurking nightmare… Unnumbered hoards of long-faced shadows of formerly rich people scavenging for a daily bread no one’s available or able to bake anymore…
So what are we supposed to do?
Anarchism, revolts and revolutions are useless…
Today’s revolutionaries are always tomorrow’s dictators.
Bloodsheds of viciously holding to power, just to be swapped for something similar, of a slightly different political “colour”.
As someone has wisely said, revolutions carry within themselves the seeds of their own destruction, same “…isms” with something attached at front.

– to be continued… –

10 thoughts on “7th of April 4th, 1984…

    1. That’s exactly what I’ve said, mate…

      Moshe Ben Yehuda On 6 Mar 2014 18:34, “Defiant Hopelessness” wrote:



  1. This brought a question to mind: “What is being rich?” It seems to me that being able to bake that bread that the monetarily rich have had others bake for us is being far richer than any millionaire. We are told that we are free individuals, but yet have to rely on others for many of our essential needs. How do we fix this?
    The best solution I can come up with is reforming education. However, that would mean that the state would have to stop interfering with the educational process in order to give education the freedom it needs. Which raises another question: how do we take back control of our education system? Surely bakers and butchers and carpenters could teach their trade at specialized schools! Indeed, but they would have to be allowed to create their schools both financially and physically, something that is very hard to do with so many regulations on the aforementioned professions.


    1. I readily agree with the riches of being able to live a “self sustaining, self sufficient” life, which it becomes more and more impossible though due to life being slowly “owned” by states and affiliated corporate banks.
      As for your second paragraph, I’ll gladly dig in for any viable options. I’ve been “preaching” for the amusement of many about a graduate transition to a rather family centred form of social coexistence, well and alive in Israeli kibbutz settings. These were once the basis of life, destroyed actively by those who wanted to achieve control by conglomerating people into cities, easy preys for those who instead of working, find it easy to become a ruling class, impose taxes, take away freedom, and call themselves in the end, “governments and states”.


  2. Yes, I agree with you and CassandraRoseArthur. The more the state and governments interfere and regulate our lives, the worse society fares. Unfortunately, some governing is needed to keep some semblance of order and peace. Laws are not needed for those who try to live according to the law of love, but for those who are merely concerned with satisfying their own selfish desires regardless of how it affects others. When we find ourselves in group situations, inevitably, we look for someone to lead. It is not leadership or having the power to rule that is evil, but the corruption that power can tempt us with. When politicians believe they themselves have all the answers and stop listening to the ‘common’ people, when they feel the need to become ‘Big Brother’, they have lost sight of reality and their purpose. That’s when our freedoms erode, and like you’ve expressed in previous posts, we allow it to happen for a piece of bread.


    1. I agree we have arrived to a point in time when leadership is needed, as societies have developed in a direction as such. Nevertheless, that doesn’t change the fact that virtually all of them mainly at state and government levels have became so partial and corrupt, that justice cannot be neither done, nor expected from them. Unfortunately, there seem to be a ready script for what’s lurking ahead, as these monsters are realising too, that what has been done cannot neither be anymore undone, neither fixed, but something must be done. Well, I don’t have to be a prophet to just flip back the pages of history and see that they are preparing for war, sadly one they are about to provoke one way or another. In my next post I’ll write about it.


      1. Yes, many in the U.S. had hoped for positive change, but things seem worse in some ways than they ever have—not on the surface so much, because things keep getting covered up so to speak, but something is looming, and something must be done. Unfortunately, I think you’re right; corrupt leaders often try distraction as a method rather than admitting mistakes have been made by them. They talk about solutions that either never materialize or simply don’t work either. [sigh]


        1. Thank you René.
          Unfortunately the behemoth has become of such proportions, that change by itself can hardly be imagined.
          With this in mind, the future doesn’t look good at all…


  3. Hi Moshe, as a materialist I believe that consciousness/thought/reason are secondary to matter/objective reality. In my view, people don’t decide to revolt – they are driven to it by their material circumstances. I note your words that leadership is required. But towards what? What should aspiring leaders tell their potential followers? Best wishes, Phil


    1. Hi Phil, I’d rather wager on a circumstances driving onto a decision, but having lived the Romanian “revolution”, I’ve learned that decisions ought sometimes to be sparked into existence, unfortunately hijacked straight away to shores suited to plans unwanted by the manipulated masses…
      As for leadership, it’s hardly imaginable without in social settings always having infants and toddlers to help, figuratively or not…
      Such leaders should lead until leadership becomes unnecessary by means of maturity, onto the pursuing of emerging dreams.
      I know it may sound selfish, but mankind should be more advanced than it’s instinctive drive to procreation, which leads to an endless struggle, more and more painful due to an artificially induced shortage of resources.
      Leaders should teach their followers to STOP following anyone, to become aware that all humans are born to a development onto autonomy and independence.
      All the best, Rom


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