6th of April, 1984…

– on social justice, or “soylent green is people”… –


The – true or not – story about Stalin’s demonstration of what power and authority really are, keeps haunting me as a reminder of the mockery called “social justice”, regardless of its camouflage, in and through which it’s being fed to the unsuspecting, dumbed-down masses, who are slowly but surely arriving at Stalin’s chicken’s ultimate, humiliating “serenity” of a full belly, regardless of of its price…
Because since there’s truly no such thing as “free lunch”, a price needs to be paid for it, in full, by someone. And if I rightly assume that the ruling elite does not want to pay for someone else’s meals, who does?
Well, a basic exercise of logic tells me, that the overall profits of those in politico-economic authority comes from two main sources. One comes from simply and shamelessly NOT paying the vast labouring/working masses their due wages, and the other one from ruthlessly taxing what’s been left. The rest goes of course to the same elite, robbed and stolen through viciously over inflated prices of “commodities” such as water, heating, electricity, shelter and food.
And for the still unsuspecting morons, still happy in their ever shrinking, middle-class daydreaming rocking chairs, I shall add that the seemingly billions (un)paid in taxes by these covert slave masters, are actually just a small part of those same unpaid wages, necessary for subsidising the very governments they manipulate for their own, private interests, chiefly purchasing the carefully rationalised breadcrumbs, needed for keeping them at the barrier between survival and the understanding of how the system actually functions, or as Orwell put it, on a “state charity” level, enough to exist, but never enough to live…
How else would these masses, wherever they may be, cheeringly adore their leaders and governments, who are shamelessly informing them (more or less accurately…) about the billions spent on the state’s expenses of offices, personnel, PR, RRs and/or Bentleys, while demanding their sacrificial understanding of budget cuts for education, health and social services, motivated by austerity measures required by financial crises the elite themselves have generated in the first place?
Knowing this, how could the people viciously tolerate the sufferings of millions of underfed, starving, dying children, the horrific, agonising waiting lists for basic, cheap, life-saving medical treatment, or the savage incarceration of people caught stealing their starving family’s next meal…?
This dumbing-down’s end result is idiotic stupidity, with masses worshipping outright slave masters playing infatuated “dragons” in the sordid “den” of entire nations’ struggle for a daily living…
For us, every day seems to have become, “soylent green day”…

– to be continued… –

2 thoughts on “6th of April, 1984…

  1. Makes me think of Rome in ancient times, but also what I have observed here in the U.S. as well. It has become ever more apparent during election campaigns. [sigh]


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