Alien stork…


Alien stork,
refused by nesting chimneys,
alone and hatched of non-existing eggs;
arrived too early, leaving yet so gently,
like the warm memory of a bed…

And on, and on,
so coloured yet so glassy,
unseen, yet beaten and unstrained,
no clouds, just water-bending sorrows,
like a forgotten empty rain…

No crimson banner, purple stairs,
another castle dries unwanted;
I feel a morning on my cheek,
like an encounter, long departed…

9 thoughts on “Alien stork…

    1. Thanks Lady, visited the link, beautiful and sad indeed… I grew up in Northern Transylvania and the storks were eagerly awaited by all as heralds of spring, and carriers of newborn babies:-)
      This is an oldie, probably amongst last in an attempt to close a creative era, and move forward. I see them as root-reminders, with echoes still haunting the depths of my heart…
      Thank you, again 🙂


      1. I am Armenian by marriage…and know certain things can never be forgotten. So many of their songs are sad. I was looking for a song about a stork played on the duduk. Of course I couldn’t find it and maybe it was only in my mind.
        You are fortunate that you can express yourself with words and let out your feelings.
        Many can only do so with tears.


      2. So kind of you to share this with me, I am truly moved:-)
        Northern Transylvania, and therefore Romania, are the transit “gates” between Western and Eastern cultures, (cradle of Armenian culture as well), with a rather Eastern flavour of living out our feelings.
        It’s so true, I am fortunate to be able to express my feelings with words… I guess this kept me emotionally afloat through the many storms my little boat went through:-)
        But here I am, still above the waters, still hanging in, knowing that my family is worth going sometimes under the waves, and swallowing some water (and other, more smelly things:-)
        I am glad you’re back… Or is it me?


  1. Such sorrow and longing…. Not only does your poetry speak to me, even though I have to read them multiple times, but I learn from them as well. You are very intelligent and well-learned.


    1. Thank you so much, Rene… Your sincerity and kindness are priceless, and your presence here an honour to me.
      My family and people like yourself make life in this pathetic world worth living.
      I have purposefully chosen the picture for this poem, for its powerful message: often-time, life’s outcasts become the last limb of emotional sanity. The picture has also my favourite character from the movie, the native American.
      I just started to understand why…


    2. The movie is “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest” by Milos Forman, starring Jack Nicholson, amongst others…
      The film is one of the greatest ever made, being a merciless critique of western society’s several layers of murderously wrong attitude. The “establishments” are not fond of it…
      As much as I know people, It’ll make a lasting impression on you.
      Looking forward to hear about…
      Take care:-)


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