stabbed was I
by anyone who came into my own…
invited them I
and felt ashamed at being naked,
trapped between my why…
and theirs…

shalom’s all gone
unlost, unfound,
and bound to understand.

reflected image Narcissus,
of frozen sand and leaves,
an echo cleaves
to your distorted image…

water has never been a good reflection of our wanted innocence…

ask Noah…

Picture: sao2005

13 thoughts on “imago…

  1. I know why I couldn’t pass my literature classes, it was because of poetry. I see a poem I like it then I ask the million dollar quiz, what is the poet telling me…..?


  2. Dear Noel,
    Because you are one of my favourite friends, I’ll sell you for free the little, but vital secret of understanding my poetry:-D
    You see my mind, regardless of it’s seemingly chaotic reflections, is extreemly ordered. Which means every detail has a structural meaning. And it’s most important feature is rather “theological” because it is theology which uses it most, that being the Principle of First Mention, which will make all subsequent thoughts submissive to this one and conditioned by it. What follows is always the prelude for the grand finale, which is the coronation thought of all the rest, essence, meaning…
    My poems never float, they always aim at something or someone(s), giving life, hope, despair or even a death sentence…
    If you’ll read some of the previously bublished, you’ll understand more:-D
    Thank you!


  3. Is this a republish of an older poem, or is this one new? Hmm…. Shalom’s all gone? It sounds as if it never was— and never will be. Water may not be a good reflection of our wanted innocence, but it cleanses and refreshes if we’ll let it. Happy Valentine’s Day?


    1. Ouch, I’m getting it from you Ladies, and I deserve it! Yes, Rene I fully subscribe to this one, but it’s an oldie:-D
      Getting to a bit of Shalom, slowly…
      Happy VAL to you and All precious Ladies!



      1. Forgiven? For what? Expressing yourself and sharing a part of your heart? If there was an offense, then yes, of course, but none was taken. I’m glad you’re getting to a bit of Shalom however slowly it may be. (^_^)


      2. Dear Rene,

        No worries I understood everything, I knew I haven’t offended anyone, nevertheless, as my favourite Scripture writer has wisely noticed, “there’s a time for everything under the …”:-D
        And this one time is of rather joy and love and chocolate and dedication for our ♥ ones! I’ve had my share of chocolate grenades from elsewhere!
        As I said this was an oldie, reflecting entirely my artistic feelings, hence the reason for posting it, but not my Shalom, which as I said seems to be rather creeping back;-)
        Trust me, it was very helpful to be confronted on the margins of a written wound, with the surprising fact of its sloooooooooow, nevertheless healing process:-D


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