Silence of the lamps…

…on existentialism

Of scars and bars I am remembered,
Long time ago when sheep we were, and lambs;
When every “tender” felt like thundered,
Within the silence of the lamps…

Some other moments I may wish to follow,
But there’s no “other”, there’s no “that”;
Just crumbs of an existence, shallow,
Like the perspectives of a rat…

7 thoughts on “Silence of the lamps…

  1. rat or no rat..there’s still a life to live it a dark night …be it sunny is still a life…its a circle to go on and on..
    we are what we want us to be….lets be happy 😀


    1. The hardest thing to learn about being happy is the part where I have to believe that it truly depends as much on myself as on circumstances, being in the end a matter of choice! The “problem” is having experienced this as being true, so I don’t have many excuses. The true problem comes when circumstances become overwhelming, but then should come family, friends and my blog:-))

      Thank you Katrina!


    1. Hi Lady,

      Thanks for stopping by! This is an older poem from a period of my creativity when much was emphasised by “putting clothes on sudden thoughts” with much eclecticism involved:-) Nevertheless, as you have rightly noticed, builds on silence, the unnoticed, lonely silence of suffering, when the subject decides to isolate him/herself. A very destructive attitude, I know from experience. It happened when, as I replied to Katrina, the very bad circumstances overwhelmed everything else… It was the faces of my wife and children which stopped it… I knew they deserve better than a lonely, grumpy, self-destructive …rat.

      I’ll be visiting your blog(s) soon, but first I’ll make myself a C-C-C…😃

      See ya..


  2. You know what, I love you used “recreate” instead of “procreate”! It never turned up in my mind (’cause I ain’t got one:-))) that if we would use recreate, we can happily consider that as being “recreation”!!!
    Well, it starts to be after the results of such recreations have grown past diapers, gime-gime, make-up, iPads, etc.:-)
    I hope to make through:-)
    Anyways, until then, Happy Holidays:-)

    Thank you so much for stopping by!



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