Poor eyes,
framing a storm of melting senses,
painstakingly written
all over a canvas of dreams…

Poor brain,
hunting a hoard of images
too pure to remain
sounds of a melting echo…

Poor heart,
unbeaten by what order
would have murdered for…

Perfect it seemed,
and bound to freedom…

with, and without the Salvador…

8 thoughts on “Dali…

  1. My poor eyes see a master’s touch. Alas, my poor brain and poor heart do not resonate with the painting’s devotional message. Fortunately these heathen organs do feel your poem at their roots and wonder in awe at your ability with languages. My optimism sees a train bound for freedom but sometimes thinks it will take a Salvador to get the passengers on board.

    Bravo Rom!


  2. such a well written poem Rom…I wish I could write poem, though not as good…

    I liked your friend Ronald E Shield’s comment…well said 🙂


    1. Thank you very much Katrina! So kind of you to come by! I wish sometimes I wouldn’t have the talent of writing… It so often flowers out from my heart’s sorrow… But then, how could I think of never meeting people like Ron, like yourself, like all those fantastic people I have met since writing… Once, a young blogger posted a a quote about seeing the rose as well, not only its thorns…
      My precious family, my readers, my writings which are like children to me, are the rose’s flowers amidst my life’s many thorns…
      My amazing wife said this morning: “you can’t have the rose without it’s thorns…” and like for the first time the image created in me by her words, didn’t hurt…

      Wishing you all a peaceful evening…



      1. Thank you so much Rom…may we all be bless with much love and happiness along our way…

        its 7.35am now in Kuala Lumpur…and I’m sure it is late evening over there..have a peaceful evening yourself.. 🙂


  3. Aw, my friend, your comment is a mini poem in itself…
    What you see, is exactly the breaking point of my life, out of a freedom promissed by religion, turned out to be slavery…
    This poem was written “on the border” of my understanding the lie I was believing for truth…
    It suddenly dawn on me that Dali’s name, Salvador, means Saviour… And I searched amongst his paintings to find this one, just to understand that time has come to take the red pill… The poem, as you superbly pointed out was rooted still in devotion, as sincere and hurting as it was after 17 years at the time… “By their fruits you shall know them…” echoed still in me, just to make my agony more painfull as I was standing nearly drowning in rotten “fruits”…
    The reality of the seen truth, has set me free, “free at last”…
    Thank you very much.



  4. Great eyes I’ve been given
    I see your words so plain
    Do I understand what you wrote
    No, I’ve been given a poor brain

    Painstakingly your deep thoughts
    On a canvas you impart
    Do I feel your misery
    Yes, you’ve been given a rich heart


  5. Oh my poor heart, Meme!
    I am sure someone, somewhere in my family’s past had done something really good, for me to deserve today such heartwarming words!
    My hat off and a deep bow, Meme, and thank you so much!

    Off to my family for a shhhhh… coffee:-)))

    Take care.



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