I would have built robots

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“There’s a liberty that comes when everything is broken. There’s a freedom of purpose. “

Autism and Expectations

When I was little I wanted to make robots. I was going to be an inventor. Robots were the future, they were going to be everything, and I was going to design them.

I’d spend ages drawing pictures of different tin-cans with claws and wheels and springs.

I remember being frustrated that I didn’t know how to put them together. I didn’t know how to create.

Whenever any appliance broke, I would ask if I could have a screwdriver and a hammer and take it apart.

It’s an adorable image, isn’t it? A small girl in her turquoise t-shirt dress with boats on it (labels secretly removed by her with the scissors she wasn’t allowed to use) sat at the kitchen table, carefully taking apart a toaster. Trying to find its secrets in the hopes that it would help her make robots.

Legs dangling from the chair. Chin barely above…

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7 thoughts on “I would have built robots

  1. I’m not sure you should embrace this with such gusto. From my own experience, albeit somewhat different, people aren’t generally at ease with differences of these proportions. I’m a covert schizoid and having examined the evidence I decided that in 95% of cases that’s better kept to myself. Most become terribly uneasy when they go off doing their own research on the matter.


    1. Hi Mr. M.
      I do truly appreciate your kind attitude of concern, and I fully agree with you. I am actually afraid of the future. But on the other hand, and I guess you know how that feels, I can’t go back to my 0ver 50 years of living like someone else. For the first time in my life, I feel like being myself. It’s indeed liberating, even if that means I’ll have to live on the fringe…
      Of course, I won’t put a sticker on my forehead, saying “Asperger’s”, and be cautious, but at least I can act as myself, not as someone else, and that’s empowering. Thank you my Friend for interacting, your advice it is well thought.

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        1. Now that’s just superb 🙂
          I love great thoughts and that’s one of them, looking at a diagnosis as an explanation, not a definition. I’ll add that to my quotes collection 🙂

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