Why the “rest” of the world is largely unaware of people on the spectrum

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As I may have mentioned before, I’m about halfway through my next degree, this time in Mental Health…
And exactly as the post’s writer, I’m a healthcare practitioner, who’s come to learn about Asperger’s after one my lecturers kindly (and I mean it…) asked: “Aren’t you just a tiny bit autistic?”
And looking back, I can see his many reasons 🙂
And for those reading this, wondering why my blog’s name/title changed together with my area(s) of interest, rest assured, it’s still the me you’ve known for a while, with one MAJOR difference, as it looks that I have found a part of myself I didn’t know about, a part which the more I explore, the more I understand, and the more I understand, the more I learn to accept and respect.
I know it may sound silly, but I always felt like having had a lost twin brother without whom I felt incomplete. And strange enough, it feels like this unknown part of me might be exactly “what”, or better “whom” I missed. Further more, it becomes obvious that for minds always looking for all the pieces of all the puzzles constructing each detail of our perception of reality, the unknowing of ourselves leaves us scattered within, unable to find all the senses we need to exist.
So, I am deeply grateful for all the time you have spent reading and following my humble writing efforts, but please, and take it from my heart, feel absolutely free to stay around, or should you chose so, remain a kind memory 🙂

the silent wave

Today marks exactly–and only–3 1/2 months since I discovered my membership on the Asperger’s/autism spectrum.

Before that, the possibility had never even so much as crossed my mind.

Being that I’m in the healthcare field, I’m embarrassed to admit just how little I knew about Asperger’s and the rest of the autism spectrum.  Sure, I was “aware” that it existed.  I even knew how to spot some of the more obvious autistic “behaviors”.  I knew about the “desperate” “plight” of mothers of children on the spectrum (who can miss that??).  I was familiar with several of the proposed causal/correlative/associative theories of autism, such as gut bacteria imbalance, methylation issues, sensory processing issues, and toxic overload.

All I knew about Asperger’s, though, was the (unfounded and completely inaccurate) claim of a “cold” and “detached” personality.

Since I had never even entertained the idea that I might be an Aspie myself…

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