“Move over Galileo! Saudi cleric says Earth doesn’t revolve around sun…”


«A Saudi cleric has appeared in a video rejecting that Earth revolves around the sun, claiming instead that it is “stationary.” His statements have incited a fiery response on social media.

When questioned by a student about whether the Earth was stationary or moving, Sheikh Bandar al-Khaibari responded with “stationary and does not move,” Saudi-owned broadcaster Al-Arabia reported.

He then attempted to support his theory with a strange blend of logic and clerical statements.

“First of all, where are we now? We’re going to Sharjah Airport to travel to China by plane, [is that] clear? Focus with me, this is the Earth,” he said while holding up a sealed water cup.

He proceeded to say that if the plane stopped dead in its tracks in mid-air, “China would be coming towards it in case the Earth rotates in one direction. If the Earth rotates in the opposite direction, the plane would never reach China, because China is also rotating,” he said.»


Screenshot from YouTube user صقور محمد بن نايف

9 thoughts on ““Move over Galileo! Saudi cleric says Earth doesn’t revolve around sun…”

  1. I know one thing, most Pakistani Muslims are laughing their heads off at this scientific genius from the Arabian shores.


    1. The “royal” family seems to be too busy condamning free thinking bloggers to a mindless 1000 whiplashes, but are happy to have their country a laughingstock following the ineptitudes of such “scholars”…
      But it looks like as long as they can keep their citizens blindly following medieval beliefs and prehistoric practices, they don’t care…
      Sitting upon the oil which belongs to the saudi people seems to be the main concern, and the premeditated dumbing down of their people seems to do the job…

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    1. Never have I known a Saudi Cleric not being right. They are always right, especially when they order the cuting off of the hands of hienous criminals such as petty thieves, or 1000 whiplashes for blogging against the royal clan…


      1. Nuttin’ wrong there, eh? Ah, the life of a religious cleric! To never be wrong in matters involving invisible deities and what they think and want. $Amen$ Thars money awaitin’ ta be made thar, Jasper! I kin feel it in me bones!


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