31 thoughts on “Open letter to (any) god(s)… 2

    1. I started to wonder more and more if any sanity has been left in governments spending billions on space programs, while hundreds of thousands of children go every day to school starved… And I am NOT talking about 3rd world countries, but leading western “welfare” societies… I feel ashamed eating my decent, daily meals…


  1. I understand why anyone would want to blame the gods, but we are just as much to blame if we do absolutely nothing to help. We may not be able to help everyone, but we can at least help someone and inspire others to do the same.


    1. There should be a different button as for such… I always struggle with the same issue… Oftentimes I have to leave without a “like” because I just can’t hit the button…


      1. I remember someone posting on a discussion board i participated in, that we are all just equal blank pieces of paper, with our stories waiting to be written as we allow god into our lives. And my reply was to say yes, Just
        Equal , Blank, Pieces, of….paper?
        and with each word i inserted a hyperlink to a picture, one like the above, and others suffering…
        When people say that his grace is sufficient, i always wonder about those who did not find it so….those that fall into the statistics for daily suicide..


        1. It took me nearly 20 years of ministry to finally understand NOT what “grace” is supposed to be…
          I did research in all available ancient and modern languages, just to realise it to be a cover blanket for centuries of gross neglect, bullying and crime against millions of souls seeking comfort, by power and control hungry individuals and other delusionals, thinking or pretending to act in the name of any deity…
          It is utterly tragic, but liberating too, to know the truth which set me free. I paid 20 years in cash for it… I still have no idea what would be the best way to shake those suffering millions out of daydreaming; this blog being a humble attempt to not be idle until the big idea comes…


    1. Precious Friend! I hope I will not utterly disappoint you with my rather weird habit of participating not in any Awards nominations, for reasons as simple as a complete lack of time in nominating others, etc. I have been nominated many times, and after attempts to comply with fairness, I just gave up… I am deeply thankful for your time and absolute kindness, and please kindly accept my humble apologies:-D Wishing you a same great weekend.


      1. It’s no problem at all. 🙂
        I just want to show my appreciation as a reader for your meaningful posts. Treat it like a simple comment, a word of praise or positive encouragement.
        Best of luck. Keep the posts coming.


        1. Let’s do simple maths then…
          With a world population nearly six billion, and any ONE big corporation’s several billion yearly NET profits, multiplied with hundreds of such corporations and individuals, how long would it take to eradicate poverty? What economics call profit margins is an elaborate scam racket, virtually made up by all unpaid wages for which labourers have worked hard. The rest is legalized gambling, called stock exchange, in reality manipulated value without barely anything behind it, bubbles waiting to burst, orchestrated by those inflating markets previously stripped of their precious metal backed value.
          How does that sound?:-)


          1. The mathematical equation is logical. We have to consider the part of the world.

            Let us think the geographical area of this country. Is it suitable for raising people or any living organism. Let’s us consider the culture of the group. How long would it take to change the mindset of these people? Let us consider the religion of the country? Are they willing to accept help?

            It’s just not money. Alms giving is good should the receiver will put it to good use.

            I’m so glad you are back. Truly mean that.


            1. You are kind, thank you from the heart:-D
              I do understand your points, they are justified questions in any non-mechanical equation, given life should be more than that. Nevertheless, alms might not be a proper term, as the insane wealth held by these groups has been gained not by ethical means, but by a profit-by-all-means-at-any-cost mentality, engineered into acceptance by those interested. Restitution of withhold assets and wages would be a better term…


  2. horrifying… but unfortunately the reality for many children. A saw famine in Angola…children like this were the daily sight. I once helped a young girl who was nothing but bones to get off the car into a nutrition center…it was as if I was guiding someone light as a feather and bearly there.


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