13 thoughts on “Open letter to (any) god(s)… 1

    1. Hope has become religion’s “riding pony”… It has become the magic word for suppressing rational sanity for people who see there’s NO response from any deity, no sign or display of a love required nevertheless by most religions from their followers when dealing with one another. People are told to become like their heavenly fathers, and I was wondering if that means centuries, millennia of dreadful silence while leaving innocents to die the most horrendous of death, with their hands crippled in never answered prayers.
      They have substituted hope for a never experienced love…


      1. Lovely. Thanks for explaining. Your thoughts are quite deep and meaningful. These days I’ve been following the case of the Palestinian ex-terrorist who left Islam and Allah, and worked with the Israeli security intelligence, where he worked out his path from fundamentalism to “almost” rationalism. Your words here are quite perfect to describe him. Google “Son of Hamas” or his name “Mosab Hassan Yousef” and see what comes out. I’ve seen many of his interviews and videos, and I am pleased that Internet and reasoning is helping people coming out of their shells


    1. Sure, please, thank you… Just make sure the photo does not in any way appear as mine, because as I have mentioned, I’ve found it on the net, but couldn’t trace it’s original source.


    2. OMG, I just realised you asked about Open letter …1 where the photo is Wikipedia, but of course YES, sure:-D


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