The other side of blindness…


If side,
there’s always there, another…
With no communication
but the bridging self
of the betweenness,
like the torn flag
of broken, subdued ideals…

It’s the betweenness oftentimes
the side of otherness,
spread, squeezed, immense, belittled,
forgotten victim “rightfully left” paying dues
to the left,
to the right,
to whosoever’s shameless
“I’ve been there before you…”

Poor child,
hanging there,
betweenness for
baptised and pagan,
circum- and uncircum-,
soldness* and freedom,
blind between twilight and darkness…

There is no light;
just the uncertainty behind the other side
of blindness…

* – a state of being sold…

4 thoughts on “The other side of blindness…

  1. Is it that many cannot embrace the uncertainty and so exist on the side of blindness? I am drawn in by the poem as it causes me to think and I am seduced by the language/images that lead me to feel. I am finding this to be my reaction to your poems and they are most enjoyable, stimulating reading.

    Thank you,



  2. Dear Ron,

    When you say “language/images that lead me to feel”, it is exactly what all my writings are all about… I never write anything else but all that inexplicable musical complexity leaving the “feel” core of my own self… I know, it sounds awkward, but I can’t properly explain it, nevertheless you generously allowed that language imagery to germinate into feelings of your own, my friend!

    You truly made my evening, Iike my sweet’n crazy grandma used to say: “son, I can die now in peace, having seen what I was looking for”…
    Thank you so much for your kindness.



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