20 thoughts on “My People’s Hall of Fame…

    1. I am in debt reading a bit more from HA. I’ll see what I can find at the bookstore. As for Maimonides, at the moment I am at war with his reverence for you know who…:-\


        1. Awesome, didn’t really know anyone Persian so far🖖 And, oh well, most of the cool Jews are actually secular ✡👾🖖


            1. Nope, but I wish…
              Unfortunately, I am too secular and with my ancestry erased in the Holocaust, I can’t provide the proof to repatriate 👽


                1. The whole repatriation system is supposed to be secular, but it’s in the hands of the religious… One day I’ll visit anyway, and that’s going to be a one way trip 👾🖖

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                  1. I also want to visit Israel, I haven’t been able to travel really because of my Iranian passport. But since I am officially German now, traveling will be so much easier (if we ignore anxiety and stuff :D) I want to see a lot of the world!

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  1. Could you tell me a bit more about:

    Shoham; Kaplan and Raichel?

    Also are the links the ones to your page/writings about them, Romulus?

    [A link on Barry of Another Spectrum fame sent me here].

    As for me I don’t seem to have a particularly high need for cognition or cognitive activities.

    [Source: SAPA-Project – September 2018].


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