My quotes…


Some people love quotes, and so do I…
Read them, think about them, use them…
And remember, one day…

“I’m in transition from being a human with autism, into an autistic being with human features.” Moshe Ben Yehuda

“I like to look at a diagnosis as an explanation rather than a definition.” The Pink Agendist, née Mr. Merveilleux 

“Our lives are the mandatory sacrifice we all pay to our own death…” Moshe Ben Yehuda

“Pure atheism is an illusion, an intellectual excision leaving no room for logical reasoning, posing as all knowing, knowing nothing more than nothing …” Moshe Ben Yehuda

“Silence sometimes, spares of new pains in old wounds…” Moshe Ben Yehuda

” Life is a hidden statement of facts, barely awaiting any curiosity zealots to walk into it’s tender creases…” Moshe Ben Yehuda

“Hope should be the companion of waiting for love, not the substitute of it…” Moshe Ben Yehuda

“Life is nothing more but foams tossed randomly at the horizons of time and oblivion. The colours trapped within are wept words of their untold stories…” Moshe Ben Yehuda

“Positivism is realism with a comfortable bank account balance.” Moshe Ben Yehuda

“After all, we’re having every day the condemned to life’s last supper…” Moshe Ben Yehuda

“Learning happens when thoughts are challenged, not fought…” Moshe Ben Yehuda

“The human brain is a weapon; the mind is it’s ammunition.” Moshe Ben Yehuda

“The problem with noble ideals is that they are left to ignoble people to carry them out…” Moshe Ben Yehuda

“Unfortunately philosophy has gone from the love of wisdom, to the love of wish-dom…” Moshe Ben Yehuda

“it’s so hard to live like a cube when the square hasn’t been invented yet…” Moshe Ben Yehuda

“Everybody is my friend. Some I love, some I hate…” Moshe Ben Yehuda

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    1. Hi EJ, thank you so much for your kindness… It is heartwarming:-D
      Wishing you all the best to you and your precious family!


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