Rotting Apples, or Restructuring the Autism Spectrum Disorder Narrative around the Core Symptomatology of Asperger’s Syndrome and High Functioning Autism -II-

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On 15th February 2019, I published in what it was then, the predecessor of my Theoretical Philosophy blog, an article entitled Restructuring the Autism Spectrum Disorder Narrative around the Core Symptomatology of Asperger’s Syndrome and High Functioning Autism -I-.

At the time, but oftentimes before and certainly after, I have been heavily criticised especially on my @Rev_Rom_C platform, for voicing my concerns about a derailment through hijacking of the Autism narrative, by more or less compact groups of social-(media-)justice-warriors, for whom Autism seems to have become the subterfuge of a darkening subculture, created/fuelled by what I have for long identified as the utter failure of @singer_judy and  @stevesilberman, to distance themselves as creators/promoters of “neurodiversity”, from the increasingly fraudulent representations of Autism and/or Asperger’s Syndrome by individuals whom I often described as ‘disordered personalities’.

With some exceptions, I have managed to become for a significant percentage of (former) followers, a probable example of fringe psychoanalysis, dangerous to associate with, partly justified by vicious personal attacks by interested “autistic celebrities” against anyone trying to raise their voices about the disrepute and social disadvantage some of these “personalities” are dragging into, the overall body of Autistic individuals and/or their caring families.

In February 2019, I wrote:

“as a tangent thought, I must mention my genuine concern that this ‘reluctance’ has morphed unfortunately in the contemporaneous trend called “Neurodiversity” which has long left its Neurodivergence gathering meaning, home for ASD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Tourette’s etc., having mutated from initially a High Functioning, Asperger’s Autism forum, into a “HF/Asperger’s Autism plus…” stage, for an alarmingly increasing number of “self-ID(Dx) autistic”, more probably narcissistic individuals, unhappy of their probable Personality Disorder traits. These share the stage with the “thinking for myself may hurt + OMG, OMG, you’re so wrong…” vigilante crowd, the “stuck in-there, too proud to admit this is wrong” rather silent minority, and the “more-or-less personal, but good business” opportunists.”

Given the relative recentness of my academic and professional credentials, also the tendency to build more on the philosophical than abstract scientific aspects, my words weigh justifiably less in the balance of arguments, than that of scientists such as Prof @ManuelFCasanova, Autism researcher, neurologist, and neuropathologist.

It is therefore a matter of profound intellectual satisfaction, to have read very similar thoughts, in an article published today by Prof Casanova in his own blog Cortical Chauvinism, entitled CAMOUFLAGING AS AN AUTISTIC INDIVIDUAL: THE ROTTEN APPLE, in which with the clarity of the respected academic, but also with the erudite edge of a seasoned bibliophile, he writes:

“Asperger’s initial description of autism was that of a psychopathy, a term now used for antisocial personality disorder.  Although such a term is in no way representative of autistic individuals, it is representative of some individuals that camouflage themselves as autistics.  In effect, their discussions on boards often exemplify problems in emotional regulation and a great degree of callousness to the necessities of other participants. They say things intentionally meaning to hurt other members of their group but showing no real concern about their words or actions.  Indeed, they are often irresponsible, and impatient with other members.”

My abused childhood rooted PTSD has become aggravated over and over again, by individuals so accurately described as “intentionally meaning to hurt” through the vilest array of decontextualizing manipulation, verbal assaults, and shameless, baseless blatant lies. Others, no less dangerous, have built entire careers on half-baked “theories”, “validated” through entire networks of literal minions, elevated carefully to unwarranted academic heights from where an unethical, yet technically “correct” mutuality of citations and peer reviewing flows.

I very much encourage all my concerned followers, to read Prof Casanova’s brilliant article in its entirety, because with it, an eminent scientist may have finally sounded what most genuine, in his own words “agreeable, humble, and very conscientious” autistics have been waiting for, a credible voice of reason against what he rightly describes in no uncertain terms:

“Individuals with toxic personalities who stand in a soapbox trying to dictate policies for autistic individuals may be the rotten apple in a barrel. The thin veil of their camouflage may hide a serious personality disorder.”

-to be continued…

One thought on “Rotting Apples, or Restructuring the Autism Spectrum Disorder Narrative around the Core Symptomatology of Asperger’s Syndrome and High Functioning Autism -II-

  1. A friend and fellow blogger is healing from a relationship with someone who is undiagnosed NPD and diagnosed ASD. I wonder if ASD can be misdiagnosed for people who are actually Narcissistic??
    These “rotten apples” sound very much like the narcissists I’ve had the misfortune to become ensnared by.

    It’s just a thought that occurs in what passes for my mind.😉
    I’m glad to see you getting some backup. I’ve found the ND Movement very toxic to adult carers of autistic children, especially children like Ben who have very high support needs.


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