In case you’re not a (piece of a) puzzle… (update 1)

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I know for a fact, that many Neurodivergents, weren’t really happy about what has become the public logo-face of Autism, the “puzzle piece”.

And I was wondering what in the world could have been its ‘source of inspiration’, since besides the sometimes puzzling effect the presence of a Neurodivergent has upon Neurotypicals, our lives are as perfect and complete as an unbroken picture for which even the Louvre would be an unworthy place…

Having said that, I’ve thought of something else, another “logo” which represents a view of how I feel in this world which wasn’t designed for me, maybe as colourful and rich inside as Joseph’s coat, yet unseen and uniquely different, awaiting for the world to realise that circles don’t have angles, and what us rectangles think about, and conceive in our quiet corners, can’t “normally” fit in the bubbly world of Merry Go Rounds…

Let me know what you think, again 🙂

11 thoughts on “In case you’re not a (piece of a) puzzle… (update 1)

  1. A asperger friend used to say he was a squadre in a world of circles, because people get accomusted to any situation while he was a square with angles difficult to adapt. I don’t know what he was. But world is all different and nothing is better or less of another. I think I don’t like any kind of labels 🙂

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  2. Hmm, it looks I’m not the first one to think of myself as a square in a world of circles, or as a cube in a world of spheres… 🤓👾
    I never had a problem with labels, as long they’re not offensive… But having said that, I’m aware how intensely personal this could be, so all my respect to your uniquely valuable opinion 😇🖖
    All the best, Antonella 🤓


  3. I like the colourfulness. It reminds me of jelly beans and as it turned out today, 22 April is National Jelly Bean Day (US)!😄 Sorry, I digress. I’ve never thought of myself as a shape, everyone (autistic or not) is a puzzle to me 😂


    1. Aaaaaaarghhhh 😬😬😬
      I found this one in Spam as well… Absolutely disgraceful WP 😦
      Thank YOU, Thank YOU, Thank YOU 🙂
      As you’ve probably noticed, first it was a chaotically multi-coloured filled square (the ME ;-))
      But I realised looking at it, that it disturbed me, that I looooooooooove the perfect symmetry of a square, which couldn’t bear anything else but the white I never really liked, but I always respected…
      So I changed “myself” into what I believe to be, a symmetrical respectability 😉
      And as I’ve looked at it afterwards, it makes so much sense, and I love it so much, because that’s exactly how I see the world; a place filled with coloured individuals, except for us the autistics, who are somewhat invisible to virtually everyone, even to each other. We can be seen from the outside as an odd shape, with pointy corners and repeating ourselves around them, but the inside is our private empire of one, white because there’s no exact colour we can be identified with…
      I never thought of jelly-beans though, but on a second thought, if “them” are jelly-beans, and we are cubes, it makes so much sense! Imagine shaking a table with jelly beans and cubes on it; it’ll make sense why autistics can’t be shaken from their positions, while the jelly-beans are all over the place 😉

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  4. I am not autistic but I do have a bunch of mental disorders. I obviously don’t know what it feels like to have autism, but some of my disorders have similar traits to autism.

    I, personally, imagine everyone else as colorless blobs and my mind (and the mind of other neurodivergents) as a beautiful colorful hexagon. I don’t know why.

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    1. As it’s been said before, all NDs are uniquely different, this being the reason why we see our surrounding reality so differently.
      As for autistic traits, they are shared through a whole spectrum of overlaping symptoms, protocols being in place to prioritise these for diagnostic purposes. For example, Social Anxiety diagnosis cannot be chosen if the symptoms are better contained by an Autistic Spectrum Condition, since social anxiousness/anxiety as a symptom is an important criteria when assessing in the Autistic Spectrum, etc…
      All the best 🙂


  5. Intriguing. I oft times feel like I both fit and do not. I feel like I do not truly fit anywhere, yet am able to blend in, kind of like a chameleon, perhaps? If one looks really closely, the edges could be seen despite the ‘camouflage’.

    I like the jelly beans versus cubes analogy, as well as white being no exact color, since white is like light, which is polychromatic. 😄

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    1. A stupidistic, Prussian school system pushed me away from practical physics which I loved, because I didn’t understand theory, so I didn’t know about this amazing polychromatic structure of white light. I’m just so thrilled to have chosen white for my square/cube. I just had a feeling of being right, but now I know the reasons as well. Thanks again Rene🖖

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