“Mass murderer Breivik to sue Norway over prison conditions – Telegraph…”



Dear human rights activists, especially those on the abolition of capital punishment front: please take a look at the links above and the following picture, and let them make you proud, really proud…


Smiling assassin: Anders Breivik, the Norweigian gunman who killed 77 people in a bomb and shooting rampage  Photo: AP/Berit Roald

9 thoughts on ““Mass murderer Breivik to sue Norway over prison conditions – Telegraph…”

  1. Beyond words, sincerely.
    And the A/P photo caption is very telling, if this criminal was of Islamic religious ethnicity it would be be like “Dangerous Muslim terrorist” but for west and western media the person responsible for 77 dead bodies is ONLY a “GUNMAN.” Illuminating hypocrisy!


  2. My brother and friend, you are trying to blackmail me by asking that this make me proud. That has not been part of my argument. Society must find better ways of protecting itself against such and also work towards a situation where such do not happen.


    1. Dear Noel, it must have touched you profoundly in order to bring forward such thoughts. I sincerely hope you would believe me this article has nothing to do with you personally, nor has it been written with you or your post in my mind. Your article is an open question echoed by JJR’s statement. I know you and respect you better than that, even if in several instances we seem to be on different opinions, as it may seem in the matter of CP as well.
      The idea came when I replied to one comment, remembering the Norwegian sub-human, and did a name search, with the article showing up in the search engine. His devilish smirk pi**ed me off so badly, that I just let the horses run, angry at what a complete misrepresentation of human rights and justice have achieved.
      Please my respected friend, tell me honestly, what are your thoughts after seeing the picture and reading his demands?


        1. My friend, my question wasn’t about his demands, but about the emotions his smirk may have caused to surface from your heart, remembering that behind that “smile” is the unrepentant heart which executed from close range 77 young people…


            1. Still nothing about what you, as a human being feel, seeing him, beyond “political correctness”…
              This sub-human is nothing less then the basta*ds condemned at Nürnberg and righteously executed. What are we supposed to do with them? Was that some human rights abuse, or wrongdoing?
              Please do not take this personally, I am discussing this in principle, glad to finally be able to have this discussion with someone who defends the right to life, even for people whom I personally think have deliberately forfeited it.


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