IDIOCRACY EXPOSED: “US ‘not sustainable’ as global growth leader – Canada’s finance minister”
«It is impossible to always rely solely on the US to boost the world economy, Canadian Finance Minister Joe Oliver said on Friday, adding that other nations must step up to the plate.
World economic growth has been projected to be fairly weak in 2015, with the US largely leading the estimated advances. This means “kick-starting global growth will be front and center” at next week’s Group of 20 meeting in Turkey, Oliver said while addressing Canadian mayors in Toronto.
“Though America is carrying the world economy at the moment, that is simply not sustainable. We need key pillars of global growth to reassert themselves,” Reuters quoted him as saying.
The new challenge for the G20 is to reconcile economies which are expanding at divergent speeds. “The euro area is confronting flat growth and deflation. Beyond Europe, the growth rates of key emerging economies – China and India – are losing steam,” Oliver said. “Geopolitical crises – in Ukraine, Iraq, and Syria – pose serious risks, complicating the recovery.”»

I feel like loosing the plot; mentally raped, tortured and abused by politicians posing as people, in a ferociously politically correct quest to establish IDIOCRACY as the new (actually old…) mentality for us, the “rest” of the world, expected to fall on our knees, kiss the feet and eventually suck the toes of their benevolent, slave-master eminences…
I’ve lived to had it all: “the US is carrying the world economy…”. Yep…
After WWII, having previously bombed what Germany have left standing of my own country’s oil fields and refineries, the US peacefully retired to plan carrying (for) the world economy.


[ Photo: Allied bombing of Romania during WWII ]

It started by leaving Eastern Europe happily marching towards a -since collapsed- proletarian dictatorship utopia, at the mercies of oftentimes hailed intellectual retards like Romania’s Nicolae Ceausescu, while making sure that Germany shall successfully establish today’s 4th Reich.
After the Eastern bloc demolished the Iron Curtain, the world’s selfless benefactor(s) successfully engineered the collapse of the USSR (not that I miss this one at all…), Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, and other similar, expendable entities, leading the way for the socio-economic disembowelment of virtually every former Eastern bloc country, without forgetting to quickly WB, IMF and ECB them, thus turning over half a continent and beyond, into interest paying zombies, at the discretion of adventurer, con politicians, competing for the votes of apathetic, hopeless masses, left to choose between benzodiazepines, counterfeit booze and the cheap afterlife happiness brought to them by tax exempt, US “career missionaries”…
As for the following, ongoing “Geopolitical crises…”, they would have never started should the globe’s master puppeteer, have stayed home, to carry for their own, endless homegrown problems, e.g. defaulted cities, counties, organized crime, disastrous healthcare, racial monstrosities, surreal national debt, just to name a few.

One thing seems certain though, that the US is leading the way in mightily carrying a -more and more agressive- global WAR economy, in which victory never mattered, nor the lives lost in the international pursuit of their own national interests, at no matter what, and all costs.

What truly matters is the world’s gullible, thankful attitude, or else…

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