“Russian nationalists suggest enormous lawsuit against Germany over WWII damages…”

Germany seems to have accessed again, an amount of wealth and power, none of the other participants in WWII would have dreamed about, except maybe for the US, which for reasons less than altruistic actually launched back -both economically and politically- Europe’s most beligerant power, on its track of dominance and control…
None of these would have been possible without the dignified and humble quietness of those “other” countries, which are still struggling to crawl back to levels of civilisation crushed under the merciless boots of Wermacht and Waffen SS.
All that quietness, came with some sort of justified expectation, that forgiveness and forgetfulness shall be met by some sort of self conscious, sympathetic restraint from Germany, that all the irreversible wrongs they have inflicted upon innocent others, will not escalate in less than one generation, back into a position of power justly referred sometimes, as the successful 4th Reich…
And since such justified expectation doesn’t seem to have been even considered, the generation of victims still alive, and their children, shall raise to ask, and further to demand back what’s been taken from them, only to be turned into whips slashing open wounds still painfully healing…



“Picture: RIA Novosti/Andrei Aleksandrov

A lawmaker representing the populist LDPR nationalist party wants to calculate all damages inflicted by Nazi Germany on Russia during World War II, in order to slap Berlin with a lawsuit that could amount to €4 trillion.

“Germany didn’t pay any reparations to the USSR to compensate for destruction and brutalities committed during the Second World War. The Yalta agreement allowed the USSR to seize some German assets from the Soviet occupation sector, but these were mostly industrial machinery, furniture and clothing, that could be considered spoils of war and that could not compensate for the damage inflicted to the Soviet economy by the war,” MP Mikhail Degtyaryov said in an interview with the Izvestia daily.

Degtyaryov also elaborated that after the war the USSR entered an agreement with East Germany to stop reparation payments, but no such treaties were made with the Federal Republic of Germany. This fact makes it legally possible to file a lawsuit against the modern unified Germany, which is the same state.

The MP quoted the verdict of the Soviet government commission that evaluated the damages from WWII as 30 percent of the national wealth. In particular, the Nazi aggressors destroyed 1,710 Soviet cities and towns, 70,000 villages, 32,000 factories and 100,000 collective farms.

In addition to huge material losses, the USSR lost a tremendous amount of people to the war, Degtyaryov noted. “What we have now is that Germany repaid compensations over 6 million victims of the Holocaust but ignored the deaths of 27 million Soviet people, over 16 million of which were civilians,” he said.

According to the lawmaker’s calculations, the total amount of damages could amount to between three and four trillion euros. Degtyaryov noted that other countries, first of all the ex-Soviet republics such as Ukraine and Belarus, could join the process and demand compensation from Germany.

The plan has already received support from other Russian MPs even though they acknowledged that it would be difficult to make Germany pay. “The overall damages received in the war must be calculated. We must know the negative effect of the German aggression to USSR’s development including the non-renewable losses in human capital,” said the head of the Lower House Committee for Defense, MP Vladimir Komoyedov (Communist Party). Komoyedov also noted that the chances of winning were extremely low, but it was still necessary to remind people about history and Russia’s role in it.[…]”

14 thoughts on ““Russian nationalists suggest enormous lawsuit against Germany over WWII damages…”

    1. This ongoing, outrageous injustice is an ongoing issue, even if latent, or dormant…
      Everyone knows that the “forget about it” doesn’t work when millions of victims haven’t got a grave to be mourned at, while the perpetrators are still at large, enjoying a dolce vita they don’t deserve…
      This day would have come, sooner or later.


        1. You know, the powerful think they can get away with crimes far greater than the parking tickets they chase you in court about them if you don’t pay. My own family is a tragic example of the “usual” family history of most of the people having had the bad luck of being born in Central and Eastern Europe, regardless of being Jewish or not. Myself lost grand, and grandfathers, uncles, basically all my roots, in or because of the wars, having been reduced from successful professionals and farmers, to poverty, with all that follows, family tragedies and irreversible damages. Same about my wife’s family.
          My grandmother had to raise her daughters working day and night to put baked beans on the Christmas table in 1944 and 1945, while German officers were celebrating Christmas with champagne and music served by concentration camp prisoners…
          I grew up with this saintly woman who wasn’t able to eat lentils anymore, because that’s all they were given in tne camp…
          Yet when I drive through Germany, their toilet seats on motorways rotate and automatically disinfect after each flush.
          I don’t want rotating toilet seats, but I want justice, justice for all those who are happy to have at least an outdoor latrine, in the same 21st century, just somewhere in Eastern Europe…


            1. Next time I’ll have to travel through France, otherwise they’ll shoot me…
              Oh no, no France, I’m Jewish…


                  1. That was satirists being killed for mocking Mohammad and Allah. Though, I must say, Jews are some of the funniest folks around, Mel Brooks, just to name one, so you’re wise to stay away from a place where having a sense of humor about religion can get you killed. Stay out of the Southern US while your at it too. 🙂


                    1. The journalists were one target, but the other ones were random shoppers from a kosher supermarlet, plus previously rabbies at a synagogue gathering.
                      Llng live Sacha Baron Cohen, aka Ali G, also aka Admiral General Aladeen!!!


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