There’s never been an age of reason.
Loneliness marched upon us
as ashes thrown back upon
fields of blood soaked memories
of ungrateful departed…

Loneliness doesn’t reason;
it just sinks thought and unthought
requiems of undreamed nightmares…

The day our consciousness
became attached to reason,
another age was born:

the age of treason…

7 thoughts on “(…)reason

  1. Hello Moshe, if only leaders made it central to their argument that people think for themselves – and hammered away at that point. But even, on those extremely rare occasions when they do, their recommendations are qualified, bounded, contained by their answers to whatever problems. Leaders become leaders because they have answers not questions. Which brings me to the other side of the relationship between leaders and the led – the most difficult thing in life to do is to think – to take any thought and go with it through the thickets of one’s conditioning, prejudices and, above all, laziness, to continue working on that thought, always looking to improve on it. This is where the materialist position has a great deal to offer – another way of stating that consciousness/thought/reason is preceded by/the product of matter is that people think, basically, because they have to. Best regards, Filippo del mondo


    1. Hi Phil, if we frame ourselves to this existence, then natural laws must preceed thought; and if so, we should borrow our thoughts from observation. Nevertheless, thought seem to have gone beyond natural laws, take or leave, depending on where ethics have been developed as a specific of a given group of humans…
      Leaders as I said should hold hands only until the lead arrives at his/her autonomy. Unfortunately, material possessions seem to have convinced otherwise intelectually limited individuals, that witheld surplus confers power, used in the end to coerce the masses into believing whatever desired by these “leaders”…
      And when the time seemed right, these golden plated idiots “invented” democracy, to the ever after happiness of the dumb…
      Diogenes was right: it ain’t no light, not even under the sun…
      All the best.


      1. Diogenes is my hero – he couldn’t find one honest man and he told Alexander (who paid him a visit in his oak barrel) that what he wanted (when Alexander offered to grant him any wish) was for him to get out of the way because he was blocking the light! The gap between Diogenes and academic philosophers is immeasurable. Phil


  2. Hi Rene, I wish I could recall an age of true reason from pages of any history.
    Reason is bound to logic, which should be root to all justice. But when reason is used to justify perverted justice, with logic already diverted by false presumptions, reason has become treason…


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