Scavenging gods…


I peeled myself away
from time.
Away from every little,
wicked portal of uselessness
opened between agonising trees
and falling drops of water…
I’ve seen the principles of physics
falling apart,
laws turning to claws,
hosts becoming ghosts,
asses turning into masses,
with hopes strangling like ropes
binding us all to altars
emptied every morning
by scavenging gods of hunger…

Mothers in the end, and all the brothers,
will have been left like many others,
about whom no one bothers

5 thoughts on “Scavenging gods…

    1. Thank you my friend; darkness always inspires…
      Supposedly, to inner “light”, yet sometimes that doesn’t seem to be true…


    1. My dear friend, thank you from the heart for your honouring attention. I barely find time to breathe between work shifts, trying to be here for my family… I miss writing, hope to be back soon, my heart’s mind is slowly spilling over…
      I have read all tour previous comments, sometimes just before leaving for work. Your warm thoughts are so much welcome.
      I’ll be back as soon as I hopefully can.
      Wishing you all the best, all the way down under:-)


      1. Hi Moshe, thank you for your very kind words. I very much value our communications. ‘…my heart’s mind is slowly spilling over…’ Sounds great! I hope you find time soon for your writing. Best wishes, Phil


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