Another New Site Launch Today!

Dear Friends of Liberty of Thinking!


After even more thought, consideration and other related mental exercises, I am once again pleased to announce today the launch of my newest site, “Philosophy inspired Poetry“, the other twin, Poetry and Philosophy topical site of Liberty of Thinking – Defiant Hopelessness.

As you may have noticed, some of my posts are – at least in my opinion – poems; memories of unthought echoes of a future, struggling to become a past unworthy of late regrets.
Many of the poems I hope you will be reading beside new ones, will be “reprints” of poetry published earlier on this site or elsewhere, which I have found as fresh and enticing as on the day they’ve left as ripples made by stones thrown at my life, by my own existence…

Please be kindly invited to read, consider and comment on Defiant Hopelessness , The Book and Movie Prophet, and now Philosophy inspired Poetry

Your presence will be truly valued, as always☺!

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