(In)justice for all…


“In the beginning, god…”
I don’t care if you believe or not.
I don’t… care.

Let’s just pretend we do… care.
For now.

So high above or below,
From the magnificence of his solitude,
He creates all angels.
All good, all wise,
All, but one and only one,
Wants be himself the one and only one…

Condemned and lonely,
Reptilian cuckoo in the first god-forsaken garden…

Anew, from his former magnificence,
Sexually separated resemblances were sent forth,
To name all animals, eat their five-a-day,
Cuddle and play…

The rest is (hi(s)tory:
Lonely mother-of-all-(to-be),
Husband away on fig business,
Illegal lodger enters the scene…

Cain and Abel,
One in vain, the other unable,
End of the fable.

First a boa, then Noah,
Floating zoos,
Lot, wine, feelings loose,
Incestuous escape from Sodom; all blossom
from Love’s own bosom…

And for the glory of His name,
We get the blame…

In a nutshell:
He’s done it so well,
Loving us to hell…

What a story to tell…

Photo: http://www.wikigallery.org/paintings/386501-387000/386622/painting1.jpg

11 thoughts on “(In)justice for all…

        1. No my dear friend, not at all, I am just going through a truly extremely difficult time, and that’s been the case for months. Hallelujah☺


            1. I truly value your kindness, but it would be too much. I have come to cope with the whole, but it was “costly”☺


      1. wish you well then and hope it passes soon. Be of good cheer. But it wouldn’t cost me much to listen. So you can always drop me a line.
        All of us are struggling with something but we can lighten the burden of our fellow travellers along the way


  1. Hello Moshe, although I obviously don’t subscribe to Christmas, I have come to accept that it is a time of year in the West when people wish others the best and on that basis, my very best wishes to you and your family and I hope you have an excellent New Year. Phil


    1. Dear Friend, neither do I have anything to do with xmas, nevertheless, on behalf of all of us here in the old homeland, best wishes to all of you there down under, in the new homeland, together with a better New Year. Looking fwd, to more meaningful conversations.
      Faithfully yours, Mosh


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