Democracy’s twerking corridors of power (1)…

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“The term originates from the Greek δημοκρατία (dēmokratía) “rule of the people”, which was coined from (dêmos) “people” and (kratos) “power” or “rule” in the 5th century BCE to denote the political systems then existing in Greek city-states, notably Athens; the term is an antonym to ριστοκρατία (aristocratie) “rule of an elite”. While theoretically these definitions are in opposition, in practice the distinction has been blurred historically.”

It may have never bothered anyone, the awkward dissonance between what democracy is supposed to be, and the rivers of blood engulfing mountains of corpses it left behind throughout history.
This supposedly “user friendly” system’s perils reside within its own definition, bound to “power” and “rule” as all other “ruling-class friendly” socio-political systems.
Democray’s advocates have all along defended their pet, as the one and only possible source of “liberté, égalité, fraternité” available to mortals, sadly forgetting that “power & rule” have never been friends to liberty and equality…
All along known history, most ruthless tyranies have been branded as “democratic” by their own criminal leaders, demanding from skinned to bones subjects, adoration due to gods alone…
But I shall not go on writing about these; rather less than deep down, you know well I’m right.
As a genetically irreparable existentialist, I take individuality to be the irreducible right of all beings, except cabbages and kin, together with all other -biological or not- inanimate mechanisms.
The way soul and spirit indwelt entities perceive the reality surrounding them, and the response they may chose to display and act upon subsequently, cannot be conferred; it follows their unrequested arrival into stages of existence, carrying thus a universal law of adjustment both of themselves, but also of those whose lebensraum has been -usually- reduced as a consequence.
These developing entities, each according to their own basic necessities, need no ruler.
Help upon need and request, yes, assistance upon need and request, yes, partnerships of all sorts upon need and desires, yes, cooperation to mutual benefits, yes, associations to mutual benefits, yes, parasitic rulers, no…
Oh, you may think not all rulers are parasitic… Well, you may probably be just one of them, or the gift of understanding reality seem to have been wasted in your case…
Rule beyond the natural boundaries of self, always becomes dictatorship, which is basically imposing one’s “democracy” upon another, either by force of fist, or by force of law.
Let me give you a simple example: parking fees; these are one of civilisation’s most pathetic institutions, comparable only to the ones forcing the soon-to-be-executed to digging their own graves. Ask the demos if they would want this privileges to be kratos upon them, and they will say: nay!
Yet for reasons useful only to those more equal than the equal ones, we pay parking fees under the all beating fist of the(ir) law…
And I am not going to enter the hidden realm of manufacturing cars capable of at least 160 mph, in countries where democracy means 30 mph on most roads…
What I’ll write about though, is this democracy’s transition from fist to rod, from rod to whip, from whip to weapon, from weapon to terror, from terror to horror, from horror to no-tomorrow…

(To be continued…)

2 thoughts on “Democracy’s twerking corridors of power (1)…

  1. While I may not understand everything you said or the depth of it, history does bear out much of what you have said. The trouble with democracy is the majority isn’t always right. Albert Einstein also said, “What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right.” That’s why the founding fathers of the U.S. sought to limit power and create a balance of powers. When you put a group of people in a room, a leader or leaders will always emerge, even if the group is democratic and yields to one another, they will choose someone to lead. Unfortunately, when we become lazy or more concerned with having our own comforts and desires met and believe our leaders have our interests in mind and will give us what we want, instead of maintaining our own responsibilities and being willing to be inconvenienced for the good of the whole, when we fail to stay informed, we not only miss the shift, but we add to the imbalance by yielding our individual power to those waiting to seize it from us.

    I really appreciated when you said, “Help upon need and request, yes, assistance upon need and request, yes, partnerships of all sorts upon need and desires, yes, cooperation to mutual benefits, yes, associations to mutual benefits, yes, parasitic rulers, no…” The best rulers serve, and history has shown that when there is a symbiotic relationship between those who rule/serve and those who follow/serve, there is prosperity. But as soon as rulers and/or followers become parasitic, ruin is not far behind.


  2. wherever you find two or more sheep a shepherd will appear and soon after the dogs which at first protect the sheep from wolves which requires the sheep to be controlled and herded…once the wolves are chased off the shepherd and his dogs have nothing left to do but fleece the sheep and eat mutton.


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