Agnostic Manifesto…


from all begging songs
were I…

As morning came,
and buds broke free
their long awaited colours,
I listened for another hush…

but dumb my soul remained,
in silence other than my own,
to paint the shade of unseen colours
yet unborn,
yet silent…

as the Ruach,
unchanged through aions
would usher yet another dreamlike
flower in existence.

“stay, watch and see…
it’s me…”

The one to be, or not to be…

5 thoughts on “Agnostic Manifesto…

  1. A lot of your writing is for the self
    I never will question why
    Never into the depths of your mind
    Will I ever pry

    At least you are kind enough
    To keep words in short supply
    So I can read it quickly enough
    And then just pass on by


  2. Yes Rom, the most enticing question of all…I would wish to see the play to its conclusion and find the answer but alas the acts, which hold me spellbound, turn out to be longer than my ticket allows.

    This is a very fine poem/manifesto.


  3. I was truly hoping to meat you here for a bit… Thank you!
    This is a rather older poem, like a fresh feeling of an older emotion… And it had to be different, as my own ticket gets more and more worn-out at everyday’s check in…



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