7 thoughts on “memento mori…

  1. I have postponed entering your blog until late in the day. I was afraid I would have to read something long that I wouldn’t understand. Instead I found something short that I couldn’t understand.

    I am not going to forget this.


  2. I looooove your comments! You’ve made my evening bright!
    I’m not even sorry you don’t understand my texts, even though I do have a sneaking suspicion you do! Your sense of humour, even if what you write is serious, is worth reading it!

    Thank you Lady, be always welcome, and by ALL means do NOT forget this!

    With friendly respect,



  3. Yes! I totally agree with you! Do not forgive this, neither to yourself, neither to me! And keep coming back to the scene of your slight error😉

    Rom, the unforgiven…


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